Development of Micro Controller based Electronics

  • Data Logger
  • Data Integration
  • Data Collection
  • Data Transmission
  • Sensors for measuring water, air or soil
  • Weather Station
  • Water Station

Data Integration and Storage

A modern datalogger based on COTS components – that is configured to collect data from a wide varity os sensors. Data is stored locally on USB/SD card – and transmitted via ethernet/WiFi/LoRa/SigFox/Mbus… to a database server.

Sensor Development

Development of sensor for measurements on land, in water and in the air. With special focus on underwater sensors.
Bringing electronics to function under water is challenging. Years in the offshore industry – developing and operating underwater vehicles – has provided a broad knowledge of practical solutions to the “electronics under water challenge”.

Current series of sensors include:

  • Temperature – one or more measurements in one sensor
  • Pressure – in air and in water – water level
  • Light – in air and in water – Red/Green/blue/clear Light.
  • Conductivity – Salinity
  • Air Humidity
  • Soil Moisture

Sensors are typically based on MEMS technology known from Mobile units such as Phones Tablets and LapTops.
Using technology from mass produced units brings the price down, and ensures a reliable and robust quality. At te same time the sensors has proven very accurate, with high resolution.
Low price and high quality gives new opportunities, such as sensor networks. A mesh oh sensors in a limited area gives and valuable date in a wide variety of areas.

3D printed Weather Station

Weather Station
“Vejret på Tredje”

Fshore designed Weather station based on MEMS sensors with an AVR Microcontroller as sensor interface and a Raspberry Pi for Data Integration, Storage and Distribution to a database server.
Data is presented on a WordPress based Web Page

Water Station

Online data from the local harbour/marina.

  • Underwater Sensors and DataLogger at harbour.
  • Live connection to a database server.
  • Online data on Website.